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Bar top featuring a custom cut granite with large rounded corners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider granite counter-tops?

There is a nationwide trend toward more upscale residential living space, particularly in kitchens and master bath rooms. Kitchens have become a multifunctional living space that is used for entertainment and dining.

Homeowners choose granite counter-tops because its unique natural beauty and durability is superior to other counter-top materials. Granite counter-tops add style and beauty to a home and make it a showcase of personalized quality and elegant good taste that increases the value of the home. No synthetic product can compare to the elegant beauty and performance of granite.

How does the new counter-top process work?

The counter-top buying process comprises quoting, pattern making, written agreement, fabricating and installing.

Quoting – we can provide a written quote for your counter-tops based on our measurements (we schedule a time to come to your home and take measurements) or based on your drawing and dimensions (which you can fax or email to us). We normally provide a written quote within one (1) business day. Your quoted price will be a product of which granite pattern you select, your job size which determines the amount of material used, and the polished edge profile that you select.

Material selection – you select the granite (or other natural stone) slabs to be used for your counter-tops from our slab inventory or from a local granite distributor (Natural Stone Distributors and Triton Stone Distributors are our primary local distributors). You select your engineered stone pattern from the vendor samples (Cambria or Silestone or HanStone).

Pattern making – we schedule a time to come to your home and make patterns for your counter-tops. We make the patterns with your current counter-tops in place, but you will need to temporarily remove anything that is sitting on the counter-tops. The pattern making process normally takes about 2 hours.

Agreement – we prepare an agreement that describes the counter-tops to be fabricated and installed and the related price. You will be asked to pay a deposit (50% of total price) before the actual work begins. The balance is payable when the installation is completed.

Fabrication – we fabricate (cut, shape and polish) your counter-tops to your specifications, using your selected slabs. We schedule your counter-top installation when we place your counter-tops in our fabrication schedule.

Installation – we normally install your counter-tops within 10 business days after we make the counter-top patterns. All you have to do to prepare for the counter-tops installation is to remove the contents from the lower cabinets before we arrive to install the counter-tops. The installation process takes one (1) day and comprises disconnecting the sink plumbing, removing and disposing of the old counter-tops, installing the new counter-tops and installing the new sink (exclusive of related plumbing hook up). Your plumber can reconnect the plumbing the following day.

Can you tell me about the materials you use?

Granite – granite is a coarse grained igneous stone consisting mostly of granite, feldspar, and mica. It is one of the most common stones in the crust of the continents and is formed from molten stone (magma) which cooled slowly over thousands of years. Granite has been used in building construction for centuries

Marble – marble is a metamorphic stone consisting primarily of calcite and dolomite. It is formed by a metamorphosis of limestone.

Limestone – limestone is a sedimentary stone consisting primarily of calcium carbonate with minor amounts of silica, feldspar and other minerals. It is formed through the accumulation and compaction of calcite that was deposited by the remains of marine organisms.

Soapstone – soapstone is a metamorphic stone consisting primarily of the mineral talc. It has a soft soapy feel to the touch.

Engineered Stone – engineered stone (also known as quartz-stone) is a man made product comprising over 80% quartz crystals plus pigments and an epoxy resin. The individual color patterns are homogeneous and do not have the pattern variations found in natural stone. It is marketed under several brand names.

We handle the following brands:

Where do you purchase your granite and other materials from?

We purchase most of our granite and other natural stone slabs from local distributors.

Our primary local distributors are:

Natural Stone Distributors
10545 Highway 64
Arlington, TN 38002

Triton Stone
2363 Stateline Road West
Southaven, MS 38671

How can I get a Free Estimate?

We can provide a written quote for providing and installing your counter-tops as follows:

  • Based on your measurements – download our estimate form, make a sketch with current dimensions of your counter-tops. See an example of a completed sketch to help you prepare your sketch.
  • You can send your completed sketch to us by:
    • fax (901-466-3723),
    • by email,
    • or by mail (315 Bowers Road, Oakland, TN 38060)
  • Based on our measurements – you can request us to schedule a time to come to your home and take measurements.

You can make this request by:

Phone: 901-466-3722
Fax: 901-466-3723

Where are you located?

Location: 315 Bowers Road, Oakland TN 38060

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Office: 901-466-3722
Fax: 901-466-3723

Our Hours: Weekdays from 7:00AM to 3:30 PM.
After 3:30pm by appointment only.
Saturday by appointment only.

Questions About Custom Countertops?

If you have questions about custom countertop options and installation, we’re here to answer.